180.000 + VAT
The new version of the top model PY100...
  • Overall lenght:12,50 m
  • Power (kW):894
  • Person capacity:16
152.000 + VAT
Three simple words to describe the largest of the Panamera family: sporty, eye-catching, unique...
  • Overall lenght:12,50 m
  • Power (kW):671
  • Person capacity:16
128.000 + VAT
Clean lines and bewitching design, the perfect link between the PY90 and the PY100....
  • Overall lenght:11,00 m
  • Power (kW):447
  • Person capacity:14
73.500 + VAT
Compact spaces but with everything you need inside...
  • Overall lenght:9,60 m
  • Power (kW):372
  • Person capacity:14
44.200 + VAT
The captivating lines of the range and a soft hull suitable for any navigation without sacrificing comfort...
  • Overall lenght:8,05 m
  • Power (kW):260
  • Person capacity:12
21.900 + VAT
Daily boat, versatile and at the same time with the captivating and sporty lines of the range...
  • Overall lenght:6,30 m
  • Power (kW):96
  • Person capacity:8
  • Overall lenght:10,70 m